Introduction to Annotum Editor

In order for  your article to appear on, it will need to be entered into the Annotum peer-review and publishing system for WordPress.  Essentially you as the author only need to draft plain text and images in the Annotum interface and it will take care of formatting HTML, PDF, and XML versions of your journal article as well as numbering figures, references, etc.

Because the learning curve for the Annotum platform can be steep, the staff of Surname DNA Journal are glad to convert text-based formats like MS Word to the platform at no charge to the author. Simple email your manuscript to the Editor for further details.

During the peer-review process, the review team will also look at your article in Annotum and you may be asked to make revisions using this tool.

Based on our experience, we recommend entering the article in Annotum in five phases:

Phase I. Text Entry

Phase II. Adding Images

Phase III. Adding Tables

Phase IV.  Inserting References and Footnotes

Phase V. Inserting links for Attachments of External Data Files and Exhibits.

Creating a New Article

  1. Go to the new Articles page or from the Admin Dashboard, choose Articles, Add New.
  2. Enter your Title and Abstract, then click on the Save button at top right.Training_SaveBtn

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