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Y-DNA SNP Database Characterization (FTDNA February 2019)

Vertical bar chart showing the five most densely sampled countries for Y-DNA: Ireland, Finland, UK, Norway, and Sweden.

Introduction As a DNA Project administrator, I am often asked how to interpret someone’s Y-DNA results in terms of the participants expectations and curiosity as to “what country do I come from?” One aspect that new participants in the field of genetic genealogy may not appreciate is the wide variance in how much DNA has […]

Design Concepts for a Law Enforcement Assistance Genetic Database (LEAGD)

Introduction A fierce controversy has arisen in recent days on the legality and appropriateness of law enforcement using private consumer genetic genealogy databases where the consumer paid for the test and had an expectation of privacy. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/salvadorhernandez/family-tree-dna-fbi-investigative-genealogy-privacy https://www.providencejournal.com/news/20190207/how-genealogical-sleuthing-led-to-suspect-in-warwicks-joggers-death While many are outraged at this dramatic policy change, there are also individuals who wish to assist […]

Resources for Insights on DNA Ancestral Percentages

Many DNA testing laboratories are advertising ethnicity or ancestral population percentages for participants – but how are those figures calculated? Why are there such differences in the results from one company to another? This presentation provides insights on how these percentages are derived. Ancestral Percentages here meaning Biogeographical Ancestry (BGA) defined as an estimation of […]

Resources for DNA and Digitization in Irish Genealogy 2018

The online tools for making new genealogy discoveries about your ancestors from Ireland have increased radically in the past five years thanks to DNA sampling of modern Irish residents and digitization of surviving paper records. This presentation will provide an orientation on how you can use these new resources to make breakthroughs in researching your […]

Big Y-500 – Initial Review

Line Chart of TMRCA

On April 20, 2018, Family Tree DNA (formally Gene By Gene Ltd, aka FTDNA) announced the initial release of allele count values for 389 new STR markers (labeled as Panel 6) scored from Next-Gen sequencing data recorded on Big Y DNA existing orders. Going forward FTDNA states they will only sell Next-Gen sequencing of the […]

Resources for Don’t Discard the Y-STRs

Chart Diagram of Y-DNA Testing Price Value Comparison

Here is a list of references, resources, and additional information relating to the presentation for Don’t Discard the Y-STRs: Web Resources View the presentation slides online (PDF) (Updated 9 June 2017) Video Recording of live presentation available until 10 July 2017. Note that technical difficulties inhibited slide presentation.  Genetic Homeland Tools Join a DNA Mapping […]

Updated Resources for DNA vs Irish Annals

Link to the Presentation Slides Here is a list of references, resources, and additional information relating to the presentation for DNA vs. Irish Annals: John O’Donovan (1843) The Tribes and Customs of Hy-many, Commonly Called O’Kelly’s Country Google Books digitized copies of the Deputy Keeper of Public Records in Ireland series for Fiant Litterae Patents […]

Updated Resources for Y-DNA of the British Monarchy

Link to the Presentation Slides. As times passes and some online sources are defunct but new information and testing also becomes available, provide this updated list of references and additional information on the subject of the Y-DNA of the British Monarchy and the genetic genealogy of European noble families in general.   Coble et al, […]

2016 Genetic Genealogist of the Year Award

It gives us great pleasure to publish the winner of the Surname DNA Journal 2016 Genetic Genealogist of the Year award as Katherine Borges of Salida, California.  Katherine is very well known and active in the genetic genealogy community as well as well as in her local political community.  She has also been a leading […]

2015 Genetic Genealogist of the Year Award

It gives us great pleasure to publish the winner of the Surname DNA Journal 2015 Genetic Genealogist of the Year award as Dr Maurice Gleeson MB of London, England.  Dr Gleeson contributed to the advancement of the field of Genetic Genealogy in numerous ways this past year. Dr Gleeson, the founder of the Genetic Genealogy Ireland […]