Overview of Surname DNA Journal

Surname DNA Journal is a peer-reviewed genetic genealogy journal founded to help Project Administrators, academics, and citizen scientests to formulate and communicate their findings in a formal way.

Surname DNA Journal is a free, web-based journal located at www.SurnameDNA.com.  We are registered with the Library of Congress and Cross-Ref DOI.

ISSN 23343206

Cross-Ref DOI prefix: 10.14487

Our overall philosophy is ‘YES you can do it.’



In discussions with DNA surname project administrators in the Fall of 2012, it was found that many were frustrated with the lack of productivity and promptness of older journals in genetic genealogy.  In researching more traditional journals, it was found that ‘author fees’ were often in excess of $ 2,000 to get a single article published.

Thus Surname DNA Journal was established to provide a peer-review publication process in the field of genetic genealogy with a commitment to rapid action using information technology to automate the workflow of peer review, publication, and distribution.

At a 2013 DNA conference, it was revealed that over 60% of the full genomic sequence (FGS) samples of mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA) came not from academia or the medical industry but instead from hobbyists and genetic genealogy project leaders.

Thus, Surname DNA Journal takes the view that passion, persistence, and a deep desire to learn that make a good researcher – not the number of degree letters behind a person’s name on their resume.  Thus, we encourage amateur as well as professional researchers to submit their genetic genealogy research for publication on SurnameDNA.com.

SurnameDNA.com is also glad to host informative but less technical accounts of genetic genealogy as blog entries. If you have a story about your own family, contact our Story Editor to have it posted.



Note that at one point in time (approximately 2003) a genetics laboratory may have owned the Internet domain name SurnameDNA.com. As of the year 2012, that is no longer the case. SurnameDNA.com is not owned by any of the DNA testing laboratories and provides independent comment on genetic genealogy testing. While we may advertise, exchange links, or have affiliate promotions from one or more particular laboratories, we are not captive to a particular laboratory and are interested in results from all labs and DNA efforts that serve the entire community and science as a whole.