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Dr Tyrone Bowes, Ph.D.

State: Galway

Country: Ireland

Dr. Bowes is an experienced Biotechnologist, born in Dublin, Ireland who has always been interested in his ancestral origins. He obtained a Diploma with Distinction in Biology in 1995, and a 1st Class Honours Degree in Biotechnology in 1998. He was awarded a Ph.D. in Neuroimmunology and started his ancestral quest with genetic genealogy in 2003. By combining his interests Biology, History, and Geography he has been able to piece together the clues of his ancestral origins. In 2010 he founded and produced the databases and maps for the site. In 2011 the Scottish Origenes and English Origenes websites were launched as well. Dr. Bowes lives with his wife and three sons in Galway City, Ireland.

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Using Y Chromosome DNA Testing to Pinpoint a Genetic Homeland in Ireland

Bar Chart of Irish County Distribution and Map Plots of Placenames for Donohoe test subject.

Analytical techniques were developed combining the Surnames of Y-STR DNA matches, the 1911 Census of Ireland, and geographical place names to pinpoint the ‘Genetic Homeland’ of five (5) of eight (8) individuals used as test cases. Four (4) of the individuals were natives of Ireland and one (1) was a native of Scotland. The Genetic Homeland concept is based on the area where founding ancestors first adopted surnames and lived for hundreds or thousands of years. Although the surnames adopted may have been diverse and many or all descendants with a particular surname may have moved away from those areas, the geographical place names and other descendants from the same patriarch often remain in those geographies today.