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Richard E Plant

Richard E Plant is a Professor Emeritus, Departments of Biological and Agricultural Engineering and Plant Sciences, University of California Davis. Dr. Plant has written numerous papers on mapping with a focus on agricultural and ecological applications. He is also the author of the book "Spatial Data Analysis in Ecology and Agriculture using R" (2012).

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English surnames: Plural Origins and Emigration

Scatter plot of Monte Carlo simulation of surname population simulations

Comparison of the distribution of English surnames in modern England versus former colonies with distinction between the relative rareness of the surname and the overall population of persons using that surname. Geographical surname patterns, Monte Carlo population simulations, and Y-DNA results are considered. Some examples using very early written sources are also used to address the controversy of single versus multiple surname origins in England. A reassessment of the DNA data and conclusions of King and Jobling’s 2009 results is also made.