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Design Concepts for a Law Enforcement Assistance Genetic Database (LEAGD)

Introduction A fierce controversy has arisen in recent days on the legality and appropriateness of law enforcement using private consumer genetic genealogy databases where the consumer paid for the test and had an expectation of privacy. While many are outraged at this dramatic policy change, there are also individuals who wish to assist […]

Big Y-500 – Initial Review

Line Chart of TMRCA

On April 20, 2018, Family Tree DNA (formally Gene By Gene Ltd, aka FTDNA) announced the initial release of allele count values for 389 new STR markers (labeled as Panel 6) scored from Next-Gen sequencing data recorded on Big Y DNA existing orders. Going forward FTDNA states they will only sell Next-Gen sequencing of the […]

Surname DNA Journal – Jan 2015 News

Speaker Brad Larkin at the podium during genetic genealogy ireland 2014 conference in Dublin.

New Article English surnames: Plural Origins and Emigration By Dr. John S. Plant and Dr. Richard E. Plant Doctors John and Richard Plant have written a number of important papers on English surnames previously and bring their formidable skills to Surname DNA Journal with a multi-faceted comparison of the distribution of English surnames in modern England […]