Y-DNA SNP Database Characterization

Vertical bar chart showing the five most densely sampled countries for Y-DNA: Ireland, Finland, UK, Norway, and Sweden.

Analysis of sample count and sampling density of the Y-DNA SNP results in the Family Tree DNA results database. Comparison of World, European, and British Isles figures by country, Y haplotype, and phylogenetic tree branch count.

Using Y Chromosome DNA Testing to Pinpoint a Genetic Homeland in Ireland

Bar Chart of Irish County Distribution and Map Plots of Placenames for Donohoe test subject.

Analytical techniques were developed combining the Surnames of Y-STR DNA matches, the 1911 Census of Ireland, and geographical place names to pinpoint the ‘Genetic Homeland’ of five (5) of eight (8) individuals used as test cases. Four (4) of the individuals were natives of Ireland and one (1) was a native of Scotland. The Genetic Homeland concept is based on the area where founding ancestors first adopted surnames and lived for hundreds or thousands of years. Although the surnames adopted may have been diverse and many or all descendants with a particular surname may have moved away from those areas, the geographical place names and other descendants from the same patriarch often remain in those geographies today.