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Recent articles exclusively on Surname DNA Journal:

Preliminary Phylogenetic Analysis of Briese Family Relationships

By David Briese
This study shows how to analysis an uncommon surname combining paper genealogy, genetic genealogy, and geography to identify related lineages from the area of modern Germany and Poland.
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Differences in Autosomal DNA Characteristics between Jewish and Non-Jewish Populations

By Dr. Jeffrey Mark Paull, Gaye Sherman Tannenbaum, Dr. Jeffrey Briskman
This study analyzes data from Family Tree DNA’s (FTDNA’s) Family Finder test for 100 study participants, divided into Jewish, non-Jewish, and interfaith study groups. It examines how reported autosomal DNA test values, such as the size and number of shared DNA segments, the number of genetic matches, and the distribution of predicted relationships, varies between study groups. The study also investigates how shared autosomal DNA, and longest block values vary by strength-of-relationship for each study group.
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Brad Larkin, Editor of Surname DNA Journal, will be speaking at the upcoming FTDNA conference in Houston as well as the Genetic Genealogy Ireland Conference in Dublin, Ireland from October 17-19, 2014.

Surname DNA Journal welcomes original research papers on the subject of genetic genealogy. See our Author guidelines for more information and suggested topics. Research papers will be peer reviewed prior to publication which generally improves the presentation, quality, and soundness of the final paper.

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