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The Irish Septs

Traditional Pedigree Chart of the Cinel Eoghain of Airleach with descent from Niall Nioghiallach by David Austin Larkin.

Editors Note: David Austin Larkin (aka Dáithí Ólorcáin) of Queensland, Australia is a longtime researcher of Irish genealogy and has published a number of helpful and informative books on Irish genealogy based on an extensive review and compilation of the Irish annals and pedigrees.    David summarized that work in 2007 with a compilation of thirty-two […]

Call for Papers on Surname DNA Research

Surname DNA Journal is an online journal for genetic genealogists to get their findings peer-reviewed and published in a reasonable amount of time at affordable rates [free for authors and readers]. Our focus is on taking a scientific approach so as to add to the general understanding of the origin, links, and migrations of members […]